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the birth of something new….

So, in keeping with the Gen Y tradition, i thought i would start a blog. This is largely in part due to two reason, the first, being a good way to kill the awful amount of time on my hands that I have had lately, and will continue to have for at least the next 6 months, and secondly, its a good way for people to keep up to date with my where i am at with my cancer treatment etc. I am routinely plagued with the same questions by different people over and over again. I certainly don’t mind answering these questions, but in order to help avoid the monotonous repetition of my voice, hopefully most questions will be answered before they are asked! 🙂

This is clearly my first post, and as such if you are reading this with only one post, its pretty boring!!! but time is my friend, and hopefully the value of this will grow over time as more and more is added. I would strongly encourage people to subscribe to the RSS feed of this, so that updates are automatically delivered to your desktop without having to actually come to the web page routinely.  🙂

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