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Chemotherapy – Round 1 synopsis

I’m 2 days out from finishing the first round of my chemo, so far so good. Each round basically involves starting with a 2 hour infusion of oxaliplatin on day 1 via my portacath, followed by 2 weeks of 4 tablets, twice a day, of capecitabine. The third week is a week off in order for the body to recouperate. This is the end of the 1st two weeks, before i start again on the infusion next Thursday.

First Round Chemotherapy

First Round Chemotherapy

So to start with, for at least the first 5 or 6 days, i felt miserable. No energy for anything, emptying the dishwasher made me collapse in exhaustion, and i could hold a conversation for all of about 20 min before i needed to sleep. Added to the fatigue, were symptoms associated with the cold. Cold felt like pain. I had to use a tea towel to get my frozen bread from the freezer lest i drop it on the floor on the way to the toaster! My throat also spasmed at any liquid that was colder than warmer than room temperature, which was pretty annoying. It meant i had to always run the tap to bring it up to temp before i got a glass water. Furthermore, cold caused me to cramp up, so it was all about warm clothing and keeping the freezer door closed.  Thankfully these symptoms wore off within about 4 days.

Essentially this now means, i know i will be dead to the world 1 week in 3, and can at least now start planning my life around the remaining 2 out of 3 weeks of function. Word on the street is that the toxicity is cumulative, so by round 8 I’m probably gonna be a cripple…

In the mean time, I’m gonna try and make use of my time, pick up a paper or two at uni that is low demand, maybe relearn my french, learn the guitar, and try building a bookcase.. All of which sounds good, but we’ll have to see whether or not it comes to fruition.

  1. rhys
    January 28, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    sounds like fun 😉 good to hear what’s happening bro.

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