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Doodling makes you pay attention

February 28, 2009 Leave a comment

An article published on offers some insight into doodling. Having been in lectures for most my life, and prone to doodling, its nice to get some reinforcement on my study techniques. 🙂 Excerpts from the article are below, click the heading to get the full article.

Study: Doodling Helps You Pay Attention

“In her small but rigorous study, Andrade separated 40 participants into two groups of 20. All 40 had just finished an unrelated psychological experiment, and many were thinking of going home (or to the pub). They were asked, instead, whether they wouldn’t mind spending another five minutes helping with research. The participants were led into a quiet room and then asked to listen to a two-and-a-half-minute tape that they were told would be “rather dull.”


Afterward, the papers were removed and the 40 volunteers were asked to recall, verbally, the place names and the names of the people coming to the party. The doodlers creamed the non-doodlers: those who doodled during the tape recalled 7.5 pieces of information (out of the 16 total) on average, 29% more than the average of 5.8 recalled by the control group.

Why does doodling aid memory? Andrade offers several theories, but the most persuasive is that when you doodle, you don’t daydream. Daydreaming may seem absentminded and pointless, but it actually demands a lot of the brain’s processing power. You start daydreaming about a vacation, which leads you to think about potential destinations, how you would pay for the trip, whether you could get the flight upgraded, how you might score a bigger hotel room. These cognitions require what psychologists call “executive functioning” — for example, planning for the future and comparing costs and benefits.”


Chemo 3.1

February 27, 2009 3 comments

So I’m now day 2 of round 3 of chemo, and already feeling alot better than yesterday. Although that does not mean that I’m feeling like a barrel of laughs. Yesterday was definitely the roughest day I’ve had on chemo so far, and I particularly feel for Hannah who can only stand by and watch, as there isn’t much she can do, except pour me glasses of warm to hot water when I’m thirsty.

At this stage, I’m still prone to cramping, but have improved, my right arm is no longer sore from the infusion, and my appetite is nil. We have discovered that soup is probably the best food for me over the next few days, its nice and liquidy, warm, and feels more like drinking than eating, so appeals to my zero appetite.

The only other thing that is causing strife, is when I get hiccups. Apparently they are a manifestation of nausea, but when I get them I cant stop hiccuping no matter what i try!!!.. I challenge readers to come up with a solution that works!!!

Me, as featured on another blog….

February 26, 2009 5 comments

It is very hard to explain how difficult it is to type right now, the easiest way would be for me to not correct the typos I make as I write this, but I’m not kidding when I say that it would be unreadable. My fingers and hands are constantly cramping up, and the nausea is constantly in the back of my throat. I think I have finally reached the business end of chemotherapy. Its much worse on round 3….. and there are 5 more rounds to go.

Anywho… as per the title of this post, you should check out a friend of mine who has featured me on his blog. Al is doing a photo project at the moment which involves a photo diary of sorts, 1 a day for a year, and today he featured me. I’d recommend seeing his blog which you can find HERE…. You can also support him if you like his photos and buy some as well :-).

P.s. hard to say how well I will do with keeping up with posts over the next few days, so I’ll apologise in advance if don’t do very well.

Chemo Round 3.0

February 26, 2009 4 comments

I’m currently sitting in my armchair with round three of chemo and it’s associated toxic chemicals coursing through my veins. Currently I’m feeling pretty good, but anticipate feeling the opposite of that in a few hours time, and then again for the next week.
Todays chemo is being given via a vein in my left hand rather than through the portacath I no longer have. Supposedly it was supposed to make my arm hurt quite a bit as it goes in, but so far so good. I’m currently 45 min into a 2 hour infusion.
So, I’ll leave you with a photo of my good looking self. 🙂

NZ Finally Wins….Convincingly…

February 26, 2009 1 comment

Finally, NZ has won a cricket game in a convincing manner. It’s the first time in a long time that i have seen the NZ top order actually perform the way they are supposed to. It was good to see Brendan McCullum get his 50, although he didn’t convince me he’s back in form yet with an awful lot of swing and misses. Either way, the bowling nailed India down early on, and the batting finally backed it up in the second innings. Hooray for NZ!.. hopefully its a sign for the series ahead! 🙂

Cricket: Patient pursuit seals opening win

New Zealand maintained their unbeaten record against world Twenty20 champions India, securing a rare victory in cricket’s shortest format by cruising to a seven- wicket triumph in Christchurch tonight.

New Zealand overhauled India’s 162 for eight with seven balls remaining to partially atone for their botched run chase against Australia in Sydney on February 15.

“It was a really pleasing win, they put us under pressure and we responded well,” said New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori.”

Click the heading to read full article in NZ Herald.

Why women can’t read maps!

February 25, 2009 Leave a comment

I always knew there was some truth to this. This article was published today in the NZ Herald, and serves to confirm what men have known for generations. 🙂

“The cliches that women can’t read maps and men can’t see things right under their noses seem to have been explained by science.

Researchers believe the reason the sexes differ is because of their specific roles in evolution.

Men had to hunt and stalk their prey, so became skilled at navigation, while women foraged for food and became good at spotting fruit and nuts close by.

The theory emerged from a study which looked at the different way in which men and women appreciate art.

The researchers tested 10 men and 10 women, showing them paintings and photos of urban scenes and landscapes, asking them to rate each scene as either “beautiful” or “not beautiful”.

At the same time the scientists looked at images of the magnetic fields produced by electrical currents in the brains of the men and women.

They discovered that when women admired a “beautiful” picture, neurons on both sides of the brain were stimulated, but in men only those on the right side activated. The left side deals with closer-range objects while the right is better at co-ordinates. Read more…

This one is for the female readers….

February 24, 2009 Leave a comment

The Science of Cute, if you don’t care about the science, then just watch the cute. 🙂

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