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Aucklanders are Lonely

This is an article that was published in the NZ Herald today, after a survey that was released a couple of days ago announcing Dunedin as the best place to live. Hannah likes to rub this in. 🙂

Aucklanders are the loneliest Kiwis

4:00AM Sunday Feb 01, 2009
By Jane Phare

Auckland Mayor John Banks is urging his residents to have a natter with their neighbours after a report rated the region’s four cities as the worst in New Zealand for community spirit.

Auckland’s lacklustre rating was revealed in the latest ASB TopSpots report, which placed Dunedin top of 12 cities, with Rodney District second and Wellington third.

Languishing in the bottom four places were North Shore, Manukau, Auckland and Waitakere respectively.Auckland

The report is based largely on data from the Quality of Life Report commissioned by the 11 cities and one district council (Rodney), covering 56 per cent of the New Zealand population.

TopSpots author Stephen Hart analysed the 200-page report and scored the cities according to criteria including a sense of community, feeling of trust, feeling of loneliness, contact with neighbours and civic pride.

Auckland City ranked lowest in terms of availability of support, loneliness and isolation, and worst for graffiti, vandalism and litter.

Waitakere came last for sense of community and feeling of trust.

Only 52 per cent of Aucklanders agreed or strongly agreed they had a strong sense of community, coming ninth in that category. By comparison 73 per cent of Rodney residents enjoyed a strong sense of community. Hamilton and Waitakere came last equal with only half their residents agreeing.

Manukau was fourth equal for its strong sense of community but second to last in the trust category.

Auckland and Waitakere ranked as the loneliest cities, whereas Dunedin ranked the least loneliest with Rodney a close second. The highest levels of extreme loneliness and isolation were recorded in Auckland and Tauranga.

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I’d be curious to hear from people what they have noticed if the have lived elsewhere and moved to Auckland, or if people actually know there neighbours or not.

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  1. October 10, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    I rather wanted to comment on one of your more recent entries, but seeing as I have only come by your blog a little later in your story, I don’t quite feel qualified to do so. So I thought I’d start at the very beginning, as someone once sang.
    As a fairly recent Akl resident, and a West Island expat at that, I have plenty to say about the sense of community my husband and I experienced in Akl – we still talk about it. Obviously the Christian perspective is not entirely representative of society as a whole, but we loved the community we became part of in NZ, and haven’t had that anywhere else we’ve lived. We had friends who were like our family; we helped each other move house, we went on road trips together, we built H4H houses and did other service-y things, we ate copious amounts of food together, we fundraised, tramped, prayed, camped, sang, churched, coffeed, ran events, and generally did life together. (We also knew our neighbours, at least a little.)

    Sigh. We enjoyed that chapter of our life so very much, and it was not just because of the jaw-dropping natural wonder that is NZ, but because of our Kiwi family.

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