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Boy Racer Crackdown

This was a pretty serious crackdown, 67 vehicles!!! That’s a lot of cars for little old Christchurch to be impounding. I bet thieves will wanna know where the impound yard is, there would be some good pickings there. Either way, the next step is to crush them, crush them all!!!!! 🙂

Boyracer sting nets 67 vehicles, 17 arrests

“Nearly 70 boyracers are without their prized vehicles after they were impounded during a weekend police blitz in Christchurch.

Acting Senior Sergeant Greg Murton said the blitz was held to coincide with a car event in the city and involved 70 police staff, as well as court and New Zealand Transport Agency staff.

Sixty-seven vehicles were impounded for unpaid fines or being illegally modified, 17 people were arrested for minor offences and more than 300 infringement notices were issued.

“While many hundreds of `boyracers’ cruised the four avenues circuit all night Friday and Saturday nights, overall their behaviour was of an acceptable standard,” Mr Murton said.

“There were no major driving incidents and no large gatherings of boy racers conducting illegal activity.”


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