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America’s Foreign Policy Should Change From an Oil to a Humanitarian Basis.

The International Criminals Court issued an arrest warrant for war crimes for the Sudanese President over the last day or so for its bad times in Darfur. Following on from that, the Sudanese government has just announced that it is rescinding all aid work in the Darfur region. I think its safe to say this is not a coincidence, and that they feel the aid workers are perhaps feeding information back that might incriminate their president.

Imagine a place where rather than how much oil a country had determined whether or not the US had interest in you, but how well or unwell humanitarian issues were dealt with by your government. Imagine if the US issued the same kind of ultimatum to Sudan as it did to Iraq in 2003, or to Zimbabwe, or to many other countries in the world with very very poor human rights records. Do you think it would change the behaviour of these countries? Do you think the world would still hate the US?

I’m not for a moment condoning unilateral invasions of other self governing countries, but if an international body that was a little less inept than the UN could agree that certain countries might face enforced removal of their government in the interest of the safety and human rights of the population, these countries might begin to listen, and might begin to find alternative solutions to genocide or oppression. Countries like Sudan, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, and Fiji even, could well buck up their ideas.

This of course begs the question, is war okay if human rights are being fought for, or is it never okay, and should we pursue other methods altogether? War has its casualties, but no one can deny that war was necessary against Hitler in WW2, I don’t think Hitler was up to having talks on resolving how Aryans might peacefully conquer Europe. Either way, an interesting idea that I’m sure will never come to fruition. We like our oil too much to be interested in human rights.

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