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Chemo 3.2 Synopsis

So I have officially finished my third round of chemo. This has definitely been the worst so far, which I guess will be my opening line for each round subsequent to this one. At the beginning, they advise you that each round has a cumulative effect, and symptoms and side effects get progressively worse with each round. I got to experience round 3 badness on this one, and if each round gets as much worse as it did between rounds 2 and 3, I’m not gonna be a happy chappy.

But… as is life, I have to live with it, the alternative is obviously not an option. The symptoms were just much more enhanced this time round, and plus I got a few extra symptoms that I had been advised about, but had yet to manifest, such as drying out of the feet. Its random I know, but my feet are actually quite sore to walk on as a result!.. I have to moisturise it with fatty lemnis cream, which is some pretty greasy stuff, and it helps quite a bit.

So, now I have a week off, to enjoy the slow recovery back to about 80% function, before I flood my body with noxious chemicals again. Hannah and I are off to Palmerston later today, so its unlikely the blog will be updated over the weekend. We are trying to make an effort to get away on each of my chemo-free weekends, cos home just isnt the relaxing place it might once have been when you are stuck here all the time. 🙂

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