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Reality TV star Jade Goody dies

This has been an interesting story over the last month or so, and its the kind of storey I wouldn’t have cared to follow if not for my current situation. Here is a 27 year old, who has been cut down before her time by cancer. She has had to live with the realities of it, as I am doing now, the chemo, the surgery, and sadly she doesn’t get to live with the survival from it. Whilst her lifestyle, education, and way of going about town is something I cant relate to, nor would I endorse, it doesn’t destroy the tragedy that cancer can sometimes be completely indiscriminate in who it decides to pick on.

Courtesy of the NZ HERALD

“Jade Goody, a dental assistant turned reality-TV star whose whirlwind journey from poverty to celebrity to tragedy became a national soap opera and morality tale in Britain, has died. goody1jpg

The 27-year-old had cancer and died in her sleep early Sunday at her home in Essex, southeast England, her publicist Max Clifford said.

Goody gained fame at 21 in 2002, when she joined the reality television show Big Brother, in which contestants live together for weeks and are constantly filmed. Loud and brash, she became a highly divisive star – initially mocked as an ignorant slob, then celebrated as a forthright everywoman by a hungry tabloid press…..”

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  1. March 23, 2009 at 10:29 am

    despite her personal flaws, it is tragic that Goody passed on at such a young age, and on Mother’s day

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