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Chemo 4.2 Synopsis

So I have finally finished round 4 of chemo, marking the half way point!!!.. Typically people get between 6 and 8 rounds of this stuff for this particular cancer, so, being younger, they tend to throw all they can at me meaning 8 rounds of it. Its nice to finally reach a milestone of sorts, even though the second half will inevitably be a lot harder than the first half due the cumulative nature of the toxicity. Round 4 was a reasonably good round for me, about as bad as round 3, which at the time seemed bad. But I think I had expectations for a much worse round 4, making it seem less bad.

Symptoms wise, I felt the fatigue ALOT worse this round, the first 5 days involved and awful lot of sleeping. Also, my cold sensitivity was much more prolonged, but about a few extra days. That part is not so fun either. Right now I am really appreciating the fact that I can drink a nice cold glass of water, its so refreshing!!! These little things in life you take for granted when you cant do them anymore!

Of course, this round was also interrupted with a surprise trip to Melbourne to see the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which was really good, and a nice distraction from the nausea and symptoms. It seems like the whole thing has gone quite fast, and it is a little depressing to know that I will have to relive it all 5 days time for the beginning of round 5.

Anyway, my blogging has been a little lack-lustre over the last week or so, so I will endeavour to pick up the pace a little bit.

  1. rhys
    April 8, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    congrats on reaching the halfway point bro!

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