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NZer Killed in Brunei

This is from NZHerald.co.nz: Summary – A 47 year old recent breast cancer surviver is killed whist riding her bike. What is the more interesting idea to this article is that I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, or be killed in a car accident.

Does it therefore make it more ironic when you are trying to so hard to preserve your life through battling cancer with chemotherapy? I guess we all could go at any time from any unsuspecting accident, and accidents don’t discriminate over past medical history.

“A Kiwi mother killed in a hit-and-run in Brunei survived breast cancer and was due to fly back to New Zealand this week.

Lee Jefford, 47, was cycling along an expressway in Lambak Kanan on Monday when a car hit her from behind.

She was rushed to hospital but died of her injuries without regaining conciousness.

Her husband Mike Jefford, a pilot with Royal Brunei Airlines, was told when he landed a flight from Saudi Arabia on Monday night.

“We’d been on the ground for about two minutes when my best mate came on board and said ‘come with me’,” he said.

“He walked me out through the terminal to my son [12-year-old Connor] and that’s when he told me what had happened.”

Mike was taken straight to the hospital but Lee had already died.

The couple moved to Brunei about 10 years ago when Mike took a job with the airline.

Lee was cycling with a friend when she was hit. The woman told the Brunei Times newspaper she was behind Lee, who was wearing a helmet, when a car sped past and hit her.

Lee was thrown from her bike and over roadside railings into bushes. The car did not stop or even slow down.

Lee’s parents Annie and Bryan Sharp flew to Brunei immediately.

The airline paid to bring Lee’s body home this week.

Mike said Lee had been due to fly to Auckland on Friday to have a check up with her cancer specialist. She had breast cancer 2 years ago and fought hard to beat it.

“She fought the cancer really well and then some mad driver kills her,” said Mike.

Brunei police say they have found the car that hit her.”

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