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Chemo 6.0

Yay!!! It’s the day that ushers in round six of my favourite toxic drugs. I am currently getting the pre-chemo infusion of anti emetics and glucose. They had trouble canulating my arm this morning which I hope is not a sign of things to come.

I’m expecting this round to be even tougher again, each round is definitely getting harder, so whilst I’m looking forward to getting them over with, I’m simultaneously not. Anyway, posts are likely to drop off again over the next bit, until the fun and games subside.

Till next time…

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  1. Fridtjof
    May 5, 2009 at 8:30 am

    Dear Jared!

    I “accidentally” bumped in to your blog today, and I have to admit your blog has touched something in me. I don’t usually read blogs at all, but I have been seated in front of this screen for three hours straight. I have been reading almost all your posts, especially your chemo-posts.
    I wonder why this happened to me. Maybe because I am curious about the whole chemo-therapy and what you are going trough. Only one in my family have had cancer (My mothers aunt – breast cancer). I never got to see what she was undergoing during the time she was fighting against cancer, and maybe thats why I am so hooked on your blog.

    I have many times been wondering if I have cancer myself, and what I would do if I were in that situation. I would fight. Just as much as you do. But here I am, safe. Sitting in bed and reading about your “bored” life. I will keep on reading your posts. And I wish you all the best in your future!

    Best wishes
    Fridtjof Wesseltoft/

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