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Chemo 7.0

I’m a little bit late with this post, as I started chemo about 3 days ago. Round 7. The oncologists have decided to drop my dose of oxaliplatin this time round, as I was beginning to get symptoms that are of a more long term nature rather than the acute symptoms I’m used to namely, decreased sensation in the tips of my fingers. I’ve had these symptoms for a while, but unlike the rest of them, it doesn’t go away in a hurry, and can potentially be permanent if not well controlled. This means my oxaliplatin dose has dropped from 270mg to 210mg. It also means my acute symptoms have also improved. So this round so far has not been quite as bad as the previous round.

Hopefully the same logic will apply to my next round as well, since I’m totally sick of feeling lime rubish all the time.

Anyway, once this round is done, only ONE TO GO!! 🙂

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