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Chemo 7.1 synopsis

I’ve been 3 days chemo free at the moment, and only another 3 days till the next round starts. Round 7 was a big improvement over round 6, mostly due to the fact that the oncologists decided to drop the oxaliplatin dose a little bit because of some of the side effects I was getting off it. There are a number of neuropathic side effects, but what the specialists were concerned with was the loss of sensation in the fingertips. This side effect can be potentially permanent, and so is considered a dose limiting side effect. They dropped the oxaliplatin from 270mg down to 210mg.

The net result of this dossage drop was that the side effects were not as bad, and didnt last quite as long as the previous round. So at this stage I can still say that round 6 was the worse, and round 7 was a definite improvement. I’m anticipating they will stick with the current dosage for the last round, meaning I might finish off not feeling quite as bad as I might have thought.


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