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Chemo 8.2 – The Finale

I have officially finished my chemotherapy!!!!!

This means no more dreading the next dose, no more neurotoxicity, no more dry skin, no more nausea, no more extreme exhaustion etc. etc…. The list can go on.

What it also means, is that instead of preparing myself for the next toxic onslaught, I can finally focus on the recovery and getting better. Currently, I have very little stamina for much at all, a very low exercise tolerance, and still have numbness in the ends of my fingers from the oxaliplatin. The next 6 months will be focused on building back the exercise tolerance and fitness, a holiday in SE Asia for 2 months, and generally just getting myself back into working order. It has been alleged that it takes roughly 3 – 6 months to recover completely, so its not an automatic fix.

So, the next step in my plan for an amazing come back, will be the purchase of a road bike, with the aim of cycling the Taupo race in November. I’m gonna be like Lance Armstrong!!, except I still have the family jewels :-).

Its a huge relief to have all the chemo done, and now as far as treatment goes, its a watch and wait affair, and hope that the cancer doesn’t return. The litmus test will be whether or not I’m still alive in 5 years time (which is now more like 4 1/2). Lets start the countdown…..

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