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Oncology Update 1.0

August 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Sorry I have been so long in updating anything on this blog!! Now that chemotherapy has finished, there has been less to say, but I intend to now remedy that on letting you know where things are at.

About 4 weeks ago I had a colonoscopy which removed a number of polyps. The histology of these have all come back in the clear. The running diagnosis i have at the moment is Hyperplastic Polyposis Syndrome. This is a newly described syndrome that is thought to have a predisposition for developing into adenocarcinoma. So the polyps removed were hyperplastic, but nothing more sinister than that.

Then, 3 weeks ago, I had a CT scan, which showed the following:

a) Previous inflamed lymph nodes in the mesentary and one extra large inflamed node in the recto-sigmoidal region have reduced to insignificance on the scan. This is good news.

b) A new node of suspicion has arisen by the aorta. This aorto-caval node is 9mm in diameter, which is less than the reporting threshold of 10mm for suspicious nodes. The CT was referred to a specialist oncological radiologist for further opinion who did confirm that they thought it was suspicious.

The result of this is that I will have a follow up scan in 3 months time to see what this node is getting up to. Nodes can be transient, and go up and down all the time, but given my medical history, that is not a risk that is worth taking and they want to keep an eye on it.

So, nothing changes in the next 3 months, everything might change in 3 months time… only time will tell. In the mean time, Hannah and I head off to SE Asia in 9 days time for 7 weeks of backpacking bliss. A much needed break for both of us. These plans haven’t changed, and the scan will happen when I get back.


Time Lapse Charcoal Drawing of Megan Fox

August 3, 2009 1 comment
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