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Vietnam was simultaneously a crazy place and a charming one. We arrived in Hanoi and caught an official Vietnam airlines minibus to take us to our guest house. We were the last couple on the bus, and then this guy gets on claiming to be from the hotel and says that it is actually overbooked and we should go to another one. We were skeptical…. and after and awful lot of arguing, and rightly so, we got off the bus and walked, and found out we were at least 3km from our supposed location. Once we got to our actual hotel, our room was ready and waiting for us.

So we started Vietnam off with a bit of a sour taste in our mouths, feeling somewhat hacked off about these guys that just outright try to scam you with what seems to be no conscience at all.


We spent two nights in Hanoi, which definitely grew on me, it has quite a charm, followed by an overnight train to Sapa. One night in Sapa and an overnight train back to Hanoi was followed by a 2 day, 1 night tour of Halong Bay. Our original booking was cancelled (we found out on the morning of the tour) due to a broken down boat, but the company put us on another tour at their cost which was much better, so in the end it was a really great experience.

After Halong Bay it was another overnight train to Hoi An, the land of over 400 tailors, for 4 nights, followed by a short but ultra cheap flight from Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City. We had two nights in Ho Chi Minh before heading off to Pnomh Penh in Cambodia by bus.

That was our 11 days in Vietnam. The favourite was probably Hoi An, even though it was flooding at the time, it was a town like no other in Asia, and had a real charm about it.

You can see the photos of Vietnam here: Photos of Vietnam.

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