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Cambodia was a country that was really split into two parts. There was the Phnom Penh part, which involved the killing fields and the Teul Sleng museum (also known as S21), and the Siem Reap part, which was all about the old cites of Angkor.

We spent 2 nights in Phnom Penh, at a guest house we found out was patronised by Elton John 1 year earlier, and visited the killing fields and S 21 on the same day. It was kinda surreal to see the site of such a huge atrocity, that has been made infamous on a global scale. 2 million Cambodians died during Pol Pots regime, which is 1 in 5. The population dropped from 10 million to 8 million in 3 years. At the killing fields, they have exhumed a large number of the graves, but have left the rest to lie in peace. There is a giant monument there that is filled with the bones of the exhumed bodies that is meant to be a reminder to the world of the atrocities that happened, and to serve as a warning to not let it happen again.

The S21 museum/former prison is where the regime used to take prisoners and ‘interogate’ them in order to get confessions of subversion. The neighbours at the time report hearing blood curdling screams through the night as the prisoners were tortured, and then taken to the killing fields for their execution. The prison used to be an elementary school that was converted. Pol Pot’s regime did not believe in education and shut down all the schools during his time.

After the history of Phnom Penh, we moved on up to Siem Reap, where its all about Angkor, and the temples there. The most famous one being Angkor Wat. We got a 3 day pass and a driver and hit them hard, so much so that we skipped the 3rd day. It is a SERIOUSLY big place, with SO many temples and ruins. We figured that by the end of the 2nd day, when everything started to blur, and I had taken something like 400 photos, that the 3rd day really wasnt going to add anything to the trip. So, we spent the final day relaxing in Siem reap, and getting our feet pedicured by fish.

Feet Manicure

Feet Pedicure

Photos of Cambodia can be found here: Photos of Cambodia

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