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Finally, the last leg of our trip was in the Philippines. This part of the trip was 7 days spend in Panabo, about 1hr north of Davao, the biggest city on the Island Mindinao, which is the biggest island in the Philippines (did you catch all that?).  This was not a travel and be a tourist trip as the rest of our travelling had been. I have visited this area a number of times over the past 10 years, including a 3 month visit back in the summer of 05/06. The original intent was for Hannah and I to only spend a few nights there as a visit and to say hi to old friends. However, this changed as we found out that some other friends where planning on doing a short term trip there. We decided to extend our stay for a week (they were there for 2 weeks) and join in on the activities!

Largely, our time involved working with kids, putting on feedings, and preaching/sharing. The feedings were in areas of very high poverty, where the children were not always guaranteed a good meal each day. I also had good opportunities to share with everyone how my health has been doing, as they had heard about it, but not in detail. They have been keeping Hannah and I in their prayers over the last year, which is always encouraging.

Getting the food ready to feed the kids.

Getting the food ready to feed the kids.

The 7 nights here were the longest we had stayed in a single bed for our entire trip, so it was nice to settle down somewhere for a bit, but I definitely had the travel bug again by the time we had to leave. We then hit Bangkok with a ridiculously short changeover of flights (we cut it real close) in Singapore, and 2 nights later began the 13th flight home to NZ.

Photos from the Philippines can be found here.

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