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Chemo Round 1.0

My previous labelling of chemotherapy updates were under the assumption that there would only be 8 rounds, and did not anticipate the second lot of chemo that I am now undertaking. So, I’m essentially doubling up on my labeling, and we restart here, at chemo 1.0.

Chemo in the City

Friday was the magic day, and it essentially involved a 90 min infusion of a trial drug/placebo that I’m on on, followed by 2 simultaneous 2 hr infusions of Irinotcan and Folinic Acid (Leucovorin), and then a bolus of 5 Fluoro Uracil (5FU). I then get sent home with a slow 46hr infusion of the 5FU, which was de-accessed on Sunday from my port.

On the whole, when compared to my previous chemo regime, it was a pretty good chemo round. The biggest battle was incessant hiccuping, which is a manifestation of the nausea. So I’m gonna try and see if I can change my anti-emetic regime before the next round.

As of writing this, its the Monday after my infusion has stopped, and whilst I’m not feeling 100%, I’m already feeling MUCH better than I did yesterday.

Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers. The next round will start in 3 weeks since there is a 1 week delay because I am away over the Christmas period.

  1. kristiananderson
    December 14, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Hey Jared. Glad to hear your feeling better. I’ve just had my 4th round of the same regime and have 2 to go before they re-scan my liver and bowel. it messes me up for the first week but right now I’m back at work and am booked every day this week. Nice to be earning some money again.

    I found that my hiccups got better after they changed my anti-nausea meds from the Tropisetron (retail = Navoban) to the Ondanestron (retail name is Zofran here). I also have Prochlorperazine maleate (retail name is Stemzine).

    I still get hiccups from the Zofran but nowhere near as bad before. I have an infusion scheduled for Dec 22 so I will be a ghost this Christmas. Bummed, but you gotta feel worse to feel better, right?


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