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Chemo 4.0

So the 4th round of chemotherapy is all but over.

This round was a lot tougher than previous rounds, it took a lot more out of me, and took longer to recover. The cumulative nature of the constant bombardment means that this is to be expected. However, the reality of living with it is a lot less fun that just talking about it.

This time the nausea stepped up a notch, and tiredness did the same. Interestingly the diarhoea did the opposite. Hair continues to fall out, the lining of my mouth continues to ulcerate, and my patience with it all runs a little thinner.

Today marked the first day back at work again, which I managed okay with, and tomorrow will be even better. I’m going to enjoy my 9 days of sanity before the next round of chemo hits :-).

So that was chemo round 4.0, ’till next time…..

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