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NZ Identity – Collabor:8

I’m currently in Australia, and by chance, reading a chapter about Australia in the book Collapse by Jared Diamond. And while I love to travel and see new places, one of the things it really serves to drive home is how much I really appreciate New Zealand. It’s really easy to forget what we have in NZ when you live there, it’s only by taking a step outside of it that you begin to get third person perspective.
Similarly, life is easy to take for granted as well. We are quick to complain about the injustices in our lives and we easily lose perspective. Its only when we really stop, pause, reflect on our life and get perspective, that we can really take stock of what to be grateful for.

Studies have been done about happiness, and the one consistent theme that has come through from happy people, is the choice to be grateful for everything in their life, the good and the bad, on a daily basis. I’ve seen that first hand in developing countries….

I’m experiencing it first hand in my life.
Shutter 1/80; f/8; ISO 200; Focal length 55mm. B&W with a red filter.

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  1. Ruth
    June 2, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    Interestingly I was talking the other day to a Dr I used to work with who had just been to a workshop on happiness and laughter and the positive medicinal affects it has!

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