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Oncology 7.1

Just a quick update to current proceedings. I went in for my 15th round of chemotherapy this morning, only to discover that my last blood test showed myself to be Neutropenic (i.e. low neutrophils). The threshold for the trial I’m on is no less than 1.5 and I came in at 0.9. We retested this morning and I was even lower on 0.8.

This basically means that round 15 has been deferred, ideally till next week. However, this raises more issues since I will be in Christchurch next weekend, and it might be delayed a second week to the week after. If we do delay another 2 weeks, this then will potentially get me booted off the drug trial I am on at the moment.

So, we are trying to get an exemption from the powers that be to stay on the trial.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets neutropenic.

Till next time…

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