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Abdominal X-rays, for Medical Interest.

I recently had to do a presentation at work on a patient, for which I decided to present myself, since I had a semi-interesting presentation. This meant that I was able to get hold of my abdominal x-rays from when I first presented back in 2008.

The first is what was taken when I first arrived at hospital. There isnt too much to see on it, it was considered fairly non-specific in terms of findings, and as such, illicited conservative treatment.

Then there are the three x-rays taken 2 days later, when I was significant worse from a clinical perspective. These x-rays show some large loops of dilated small bowel on the supine, and air-fluid levels on the erect. All signs of a bowel obstruction, and as such I was taken to theatre within about 4 hours of these pictures being taken.

The rest is history.

  1. Maree
    February 20, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Hi Jared, your presentation would have painted the clinical picture as well as giving a very personal perspective, this would have had a real impact for the medical folk who attended. Some of the more memorable moments during my nursing training were when we had someone come and talk to us about their own experiences/illnesses etc. This I’m certain has had a hand in shaping the way I look after my patients. Bless you for having the courage to share your experience.
    Thinking of you and Hannah, Mx

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