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Chemo 30.0

Well, Round 30 finally happened, after being delayed by man-flu two weeks back. The round itself was someone routine, nothing particularly new except for the fact that I have finally crossed the vomit threshold. After holding out for 29 rounds of chemo and no vomiting, the chucking began. This was a fairly benign episode of vomiting though, so at the end of the day, nothing to really write about… that being said, I just did.

Perhaps the biggest difference of this round of chemotherapy over previous rounds was that it was caught on film. I’m being filmed at the moment for an article that will hopefully run on bowel cancer awareness week on 20/20. They started filming last Friday, the day of my chemo, and are following me off and on for bits over the next week or so. I shall keep you all posted as to when that will air exactly. Its quite an interesting insight into a whole different industry and how it works!

In slightly different news, my blogging has been pretty weak of late, largely due to the huge hours I’m working on the Acute Surgical Unit at Auckland Hospital, between that and chemo, I’ve had little time to write much. In 2 weeks time, I’m changing over the the Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit, which I’m informed is quite a different pace of work, so I will hopefully be able to engage in a bit more reflection and writing over that time.

Till next time…

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