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Chemo 33.0

This last round of chemotherapy has blurred into the previous 32. It was neither particularly bad, nor was it better than expected.. it fell somewhere in between. It would be fair to say that each round is progressively worse when compared to what chemo was like when I first started. I remember round 1, I was eating Eggs Benedict in a local cafe the day after my infusion, carrying my slow 5-FU infusion with me. The mere thought of doing something like that on a Saturday morning after chemo now just makes me want to vomit. Generally I just sleep most of Saturday.

I regularly get comments from people about how good I look for someone who is on chemo, I usually reply with ‘you should see me right after my infusion’. I’m quite a different person. If you look at photos of myself from 18 months ago, before all of this started, I have aged, and I look more tired. Chemo is definitely taking its toll.

There are two more rounds of chemotherapy before Hannah and I head to Peru for 4 weeks. That means 2 rounds of chemo will be missed…. except that I wont actually miss it. 🙂

Till next time…

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  1. July 1, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    Hi Jared, I have been following your blog periodically. You may not remember me, but I left a comment a couple months ago inviting you to read my blog. I was diagnosed with colon cancer, had a sigmoid colectomy and 6 months of chemo. My 1st year followups showed a new enhancing hepatic lesion suspicious of mets, but yet too small for surgery given it was so soon after chemo and the thought was also that more may show up. So I was sentenced to a waiting game. In the meantime I decided to start taking hydrogen peroxide. This treatment worked! A year and a half later my lesion is gone, my nightmare is OVER! I have all the CT scans and MRIs showing the gradual shrinkage and eventual disappearance of the lesion. Please read my blog and consider taking the peroxide. I have nothing to gain by trying to get the word out except the satisfaction of helping as many people as I can! And you possibly have everything to gain!

    • Jared
      July 2, 2011 at 6:12 pm

      Hi Rosanne.
      I have not allowed your comments in the past largely because I don’t see my blog as a forum for propagating unproven alternative methods to cancer treatment. Specifically the hydrogen peroxide therapy that you talk about has largely been debunked in the medical literature as any kind of treatment that actually works. Here is a paper published in 1993 that nicely summarises hyperoxygenation therapies and their origins. http://caonline.amcancersoc.org/cgi/reprint/43/1/47 .

      I’m glad that your cancer has headed into remission, but reading your story, I am not convinced that your remission was related to hydrogen peroxide therapy. There are a number of factors that lead me to this opinion.

      Thanks for your comment, but as you can see, I’m not a fan of non-evidence based therapies, particularly when harm can come from them if it is not managed correctly.

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