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Chemo 38.0

Yet another notch to put in my belt. The routine of chemotherapy is well understood and generally well tolerated now. Come December, it will be 2 years of this fortnightly regime. That is 2 years of life where every second weekend is spent nauseous, hunched over a toilet bowel, or sleeping in bed to get through the misery.

This round seemed a bit rougher than previous rounds, the nausea just that little bit more ever-present, and my insomnia particularly good at keeping me awake despite the pharmaceutical augmentation. The silver lining to this round is that I am skipping the next one!!!

In making sure my priorities are straight, I have tickets to the semi-final (which all going well will be NZ v. SA or AUS) for the rugby world cup. Rugby beats chemo on any weekend, so I get a 4 week reprieve.

I’m only 2 rounds short of 40 total… I keep smashing records.

Till next time…

  1. Paula
    October 13, 2011 at 12:08 am

    Enjoy the game this weekend Jared…Go All Blacks !!!!!!

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