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Kristian Anderson

Earlier this week, on the 2nd of January, Kristian Anderson lost his battle with bowel cancer.

He and I first made contact a couple of years back shortly after his diagnosis. We are of a similar age, and have a similar life philosophy, and battle the same sinister illness. He was slightly more advanced than I was at his diagnosis. Whilst we both have our struggles with our illnesses, perhaps his was made a little more poignant in that he has two young children, all the more motivation to beat cancer, and survive.

I too relate to this drive for survival. The motivation to live is not for my own benefit, but for that of my wife and my family and friends. If I was to have children, I can only just imagine how much harder that would be.

Kristian shot to fame shortly after his diagnosis when he produced a video for his wife for her birthday. He managed to get Hugh Jackman and PM John Key in on it, and it went viral online.

After his rise into the media consciousness, Oprah interviewed him on her show when she toured Australia last year.

Throughout Kristian’s Journey, he and I have shared the highs and lows of bowel cancer. The tough times, and the joyous times. It is with a bittersweet note that he has passed away. Bitter, because it should never have happened, because he leaves behind a wife and two children, and because his life was stolen from him. Sweet, because he gets to be with his Lord, and the at times very difficult journey, has finally come to an end, the suffering has stopped.

Kristian, you were a friend whom I met through circumstance and suffering. You were a man of faith who has got to meet his maker. Our heart goes to your family, Rachel and your children will be in our prayers for many years to come.

May you rest in peace, with the Creator of the universe whom you adored so much.

  1. Gail Benkesser
    January 5, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    I too followed Kristian’s journey with interest as he was diagnosed exactly six weeks after my beloved husband Norbert. We shared the same experiences and treatments and unfortunately the same fate. The love of my life passed away six weeks and one day before Kristian. It was good to be able to follow his blogs and tweets and his passing has brought it all back to me. I wish the best for Rachel and the children and wish you every sucess at beating this dreadful disease to enjoy life with your wife, family and friends. Bye the way my husband was older than you guys but was told to wait till he was 50 for a colonoscopy as no family history and very little symptoms (thought he had pulled a muscle in stomach). He was 49 when he was diagnosed. If nothing else I hope these blogs make people aware it can happen at any age.
    RIP Norbert
    RIP Kristian

    Love and best wishes
    Gail South-West Australia.

  2. Elizabeth
    January 5, 2012 at 9:21 pm


    I found your blog through Rhema a while ago, and had often wondered if you and Kris had ever made contact; I had meant to ask Kris. I knew his wife when we were young, and we’d got back in contact a few years back when their eldest son Cody was born – so have followed Kris’ journey all the way through. We (my husband and I) have prayed and believed for a miracle right through to the end… it is heartbreaking for Rach and the boys, but I am pleased Kris is out of pain now.

    I can’t even imagine what it has been like, and now what the reality of Rachel’s life is going to be without Kris by her side. Devastating…

    So pleased Kris had someone who ‘got it’ to talk to as he walked this journey.

  3. January 5, 2012 at 10:30 pm

    May he roam and laugh with angels – and you Jared forever take your time to do so. kia kaha

  4. Dyana Parore-Connell
    January 6, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Kris is at peace now. WISH Rachael and her children all the deepest sympathy ..Be strong,grieve as you have to do BUT knowing you have many peoples luv, prayers going for you. Even tho i did not know Kris or u Rachel, my heart, goes out to you. Arohanui.

  5. Maree
    January 9, 2012 at 12:30 am

    Oh this is sad news 😦 Thinking of Rachel and their two boys at this time,
    will keep them in my prayers. I’ve followed Kristian’s journey, I’m thankful he had you for a friend someone he could talk with who understood what he was going through. You have been a blessing to him. This is a lovely tribute to Kristian thank you for posting this. I would like to offer my sincere condolences to Rachel and their boys and also Kristian’s family and friends. May God be their comfort and strength, I pray they will be aware of the Lord’s presence surrounding them.

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