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Living with Dying – 20/20

The past 2 weeks after getting back from Italy has been occupied by many things in my life. One of which included moving house in the first 5 days back. It didn’t help that I managed to get a nice case of gastroenteritis upon the return trip which left me house bound for a few days. To add to the busyness of this all, 20/20 had contacted me just prior to Italy and requested to do a follow up story on me from their original one 18 months ago. So, in order to keep life interesting and full of surprises, we said yes. This meant the last 2 weeks also involved a lot of time with camera crew and interviewing. They filmed us move house, followed me around for a shift in Auckland Emergency Department, came over for dinner, and we spent some studio time with them.

The story went to air on Thursday night and we were very happy with it. We got to see it for the first time with everybody else, and felt the crew at 20/20 put it together really well. Hannah and I have had a huge amount of positive feedback from the story, both from friends, family, and strangers. We would like to thank the 20/20 crew publicly for their great work and company over that time.

For those that did not see the show, you can see it here..


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  1. November 3, 2012 at 11:35 am

    I’ve been lurking for sometime, ever since my mother ( who passed in July from metastatic IBC) posted a link to this blog. I watched 20/20, expecting to burst into tears but your story and attitude was so surprisingly uplifting I even cracked a couple of smiles 🙂 All the best wishes for the rest of your journey, long may it hopefully be.

  2. Theresa V
    November 3, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    It was a beautiful moving account of your story and wisdom to inspire us all- you two look so lovely to each other and I think Hannah is an amazing strong wahine, as you have had to be strong tane 🙂 Loved the final sentence- will try to live my life well, thanks for your wisdom & sharing.

  3. dianne
    November 3, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    Hi. What a fantastic documentary. I have not had the pleasure of working with you yet (i work as a nurse in auckland e.d) but i have been following your blog for over a year. Your spirit and zest for life is inspiring.

  4. nesa lagatule
    November 6, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    Amazing man you are Jared , a angel for many who are living and breathing this disease thanks

  5. Lyn Court
    November 7, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    Hi Jared, What a great testimony you have. It was good to see your Mum and Dad on 20/20 too. We use to go to Rotorua Baptist and can remember you all very well. Did not see the first interview you did on 20/20 but the Youth came back from camp talking about the amazing story that a Dr had. Did not connect it with you. I have forwarded the 20/20 documentary to our family and friends – we are praying for you both. Andrew and Lyn Court. (Andrew is now one of the Pastors at Orewa Baptist)

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