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Oncology 17.0

February 20, 2013 7 comments

This is a belated update of a CT scan that was done back in mid December. The reason for the delay has largely been due to waiting to find out it’s implications.

The scan showed ongoing stable disease, with further reduction of the hepatic lesion we noticed on PET back in May last year. The retroperitoneal node has increased by about 2mm, but within the margin of error, and there is some questionable new lymphadenopathy around the superior mesenteric artery and the inferior mesenteric artery of unknown significance. It is called unknown significance because it could be reactive, or it could be malignant, and only time will tell which it is.

The implications are that because this is disseminated disease, surgery would not realistically be an option. Surgery is largely reserved for localised focussed disease, and would likely cause more problems than it would solve in the current situation. This doesn’t mean surgery is off the cards permanently, as with all things, there is always ongoing review, but with all things being equal, surgery is unlikely to present itself as an option again except in a palliative setting.

So the plan for the time being is ongoing chemotherapy until the cancer stops responding to it. The rounds have been progressively getting rougher, so at some point toxicity will come into play as well. My next scan should be around mid March, which is fairly soon, and as always will help direct the next 3-6 months of my life.

Until next time…