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Earlier this year I was contacted by the editor of OHBaby! Magazine to write a piece for their next issue. OHBaby! is a quarterly magazine targeted at parents of 0-5yr olds that covers everything from issues around pregnancy and parenting tips to learning and development. It also reviews baby accessories for which I have recently discovered there are a plethora of.

We have been contacted by many media outlets of varying descriptions for interviews or stories on our situation. On the whole, we have decided to decline most of these requests because publicity for publicity’s sake is not something we want to get caught up in. OHBaby! however came across very differently. The editor, Ellie Gwilliam, came to visit one morning to check us out. Her request, was not to do a story on us per sé, but to get me to write a piece around creating a family ethos, and how you communicate that to your children. I am obviously in a rather unique situation, and such an idea requires thought and contemplation to address the apparent difficulties of doing this when I am absent. Ellie thought this was a valuable perspective.

The reason we went ahead with this was because this was not just another story, but a chance to actually write and contribute in such a way that will hopefully enable other families to think about how they communicate their values to their children. Furthermore, we found Ellie to be great to work with, with her sensitive manner and clear vision of what she hoped to achieve.

The article itself is unfortunately not fully available online unless you pay to view it, or have a subscriptions to the magazine. It went on sale on April 7, and will be available for the next few months. HERE is the link to the online teaser in lieu of the actual magazine or subscription, or you can click on the image above.

Otherwise, you should go buy the magazine instead. 🙂

Until next time…

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  1. Sarah
    April 10, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    I have just read the beautifully worded article in the Oh Baby magazine. It brought a tear to my eye and your letter to her is truly beautiful. We had a baby girl also on December 7th and she means the world to us, I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you to know that you will most likely not see her milestones. I admire your strength and the values you hold as a family.

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