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Book 1.0

January 8, 2015 13 comments

Today marks three months since Jared passed away; words seem inadequate to describe how much we miss him and the love, laughter, wisdom and perspective he brought to our lives.

Elise will turn one on January 17th, just over a week away. She is an absolute joy, smiley, chatty, into everything, cruising the furniture and looking like she will walk any day; Jared would be so proud of her! She brings immeasurable light to every day and we are so thankful for the gift that she is, and the fact that Jared was able to enjoy her first few months.

We promised updates regarding the book that tells Jared’s story, as told to David Williams through a series of interviews in the final weeks of his life. We are thrilled to announce that the book has been accepted by a major international publisher and will most likely be published in October this year, which will mark the one year anniversary of Jared’s death. It will be a frank and powerful account of his extraordinary life, a rare insight into the thoughts, conflicts and dreams of a young person wrestling terminal cancer and a beautiful legacy for Elise to read one day. Jared always hoped that his story would be captured in a book and we are excited and incredibly grateful that this one last dream is becoming a reality.

We will keep you up to date with developments regarding the book.

Hannah, Elise and family.


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