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Documentary 1.0

July 15, 2015 6 comments

It was nine months last week since Jared passed away.

Nine months.

The length of a full term pregnancy.

Half of Elise’s short life.

Nine months of grieving in which life seems on one hand to have frozen still and on the other to have continued at a frenetic pace. Elise is running, climbing, learning new words every day. She is most at home stomping around the garden in her gumboots, chasing balls and bubbles, chattering away to herself. She has the charm of her father, the frown of her mother and attention to detail that exceeds either of her parents – no stray sequin or imperfection in the wooden floor goes un-inspected.

Jared was a great story teller but in many ways, in October 2013, it was Elise’s story that captured the hearts of thousands around the world and the interest of the team at Creation Films. They approached us at that time keen to tell the story of Elise (or baby Noel as she was known then) and subsequently spent many hours with us, documenting the journey of Jared coming to meet his little girl.

The result is “Waiting for Baby Noel”, a 47 minute documentary capturing that precious and nervous time in our lives when we were uncertain whether Jared would survive long enough to meet Elise. It is a story told mainly from Jared’s perspective but also involving quite a few others who were central to our story at the time. It is a wonderful legacy for Elise but also a tribute to the heartfelt global generosity that we were blessed with, enabling Jared to embark on the treatment that would eventually give him the precious months he had with his little girl.

The documentary will premiere on Thursday August 20th at the Capitol Cinema, 610 Dominion Road, Auckland. Screening times are as follows:

Thursday 20th August at 7pm 

Thursday 20th August at 8.30pm

Sunday 23rd August at 7.30pm

It will later be available online  – details to follow – for those outside of Auckland or unable to attend. The cost of the tickets has been kept to a minimum; it covers the hire of the venue and helps Creation Films recoup some of their production costs.

You can view the trailer for the documentary and purchase tickets via the link below

Much love

Hannah and Elise

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