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Message to My Girl – Media

September 30, 2015 7 comments

“Message to My Girl” has barely been out a week and is already being reprinted! There are still copies around however so check out your local bookseller if you would like a copy (NZ); there are also a number of online booksellers who have it listed in NZ (Mighty Ape), Australia (quite a number when I checked) and the UK (Book Depository, ships worldwide).

We celebrated the book release with a party on Monday night where we had an opportunity to tell the story of the book over lovely food and wine. I was grateful for the opportunity to thank David Williams for collaborating with Jared on this project and for doing such an amazing job, and Allen & Unwin NZ for seeing its potential and taking on the publishing. Elise charged about the cafe charming people, completely oblivious to the reason for the party – it will be a good story to tell her one day.

It has been an overwhelming few days with lots of media coverage: Jared would be thrilled.

Here are some of the bits and pieces in the media over recent days if you are interested:

“Sunday” (TVNZ) on Sunday 27th September (11 minutes)

Articles in NZ Herald on Saturday 26th September

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.48.11 pm

Radio Rhema Interview with David Williams 

(really worth a listen)

Release of the documentary “Waiting for Baby Noel”

Creation Films have released their documentary online – it can be viewed at Good TV – see link below

Thank you for following our story and for your enthusiasm for “Message to My Girl”.

We look forward to hearing what you think!

Hannah & Elise

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Message to my Girl 1.1

September 25, 2015 4 comments

We are thrilled to know that “Message to my Girl” is now in stores.

Huge thanks to David Williams and Allen & Unwin NZ for making this dream of Jared’s a reality!

TVNZ’s “Sunday” (TV1) are doing a piece on the book this Sunday 27th September at 7pm; we’d love you to watch.

I am so proud of the way Jared poured his heart and soul into this book in his final weeks – for Elise and for anyone who ever followed or found hope in his story.

We hope very much that you are inspired and challenged by this – his final legacy to the world.


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Message To My Girl 1.0

September 14, 2015 7 comments

Spring descended on Auckland this weekend, with glorious warm blue sky days. Chores, laundry, groceries, catching up with friends in familiar places and spaces – it felt good to be outside. I found myself thinking back to spring last year when there was a very different sort of activity in the house: Jared was home from the hospice, Elise was 7.5 months old, the daily rhythms were Jared’s care and Elise’s routines. On one hand, Jared was dying and every day for him was an arduous mountain of fatigue and symptom management punctuated by visits from the hospice, district nurses, pain team, pharmacy, GP….on the other hand we were together again as a family, Jared was where he most wanted to be, and the changing of the seasons was accompanied by a new sense of hope and purpose.

David Williams, previously a stranger to us, had arrived on the scene to help Jared write his book – the book that many who read this blog had encouraged Jared to write. Each day, at 12pm, David would arrive with his iPad and camera, climb the stairs, sit with Jared for an hour and record their conversations. There were 21 conversations in total, covering everything from the story of Jared’s life to the reality of dying to Jared’s hopes and dreams for the book, and for Elise. These conversations, together with excerpts from Jared’s blog, form the basis of “Message to my girl”.


Jared’s commitment to the project was absolute. In many ways this was his “best” hour of the day, or, at least, the one he poured all of his available energy into. While battling pain, muddled thoughts and crippling fatigue, he would press on, aware that this final task was worthy of everything he had. Words can’t express our gratefulness to David for taking on this project. His courage, sensitivity and commitment to seeing Jared’s final dream realised were extraordinary.

“Message to my girl” is told in Jared’s words with his trademark openness, honesty and humour. It is a beautiful account of his life, and the purpose, courage and love that motivated him to the very end. My first copy arrived last weekend – I was struck by how proud Jared would have been that he had co-authored such a book and how precious this gift will be for Elise.

For me, the public release of the book is both exciting and anxiety-provoking – the spotlight was very much easier to share with someone as gregarious as Jared. However we were always united in wanting this story to be told authentically and honestly and the courage I need to gather for the next little while is nothing compared with that Jared displayed in his final weeks.

“Message to my girl” will be in New Zealand bookstores from Monday 28 September. It can be bought online at Fishpond and Mighty Ape (NZ). It is listed with the Book Depository (UK, ships worldwide) and may later be available through Amazon.


The official book launch will be on Monday 28th September at 6.30pm at “Crave”, 25 McDonald St, Morningside, Auckland. We’d love you to come – there will be refreshments, some of the key people telling the story of the book and copies available for purchase.

Finally, Spring presented the opportunity to introduce Elise to the snow. Her frown belies her southern roots….I have great hopes that future snow experiences will be more successful!