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Dabbling in Timelapse

April 4, 2012 4 comments

I haven’t tried time-lapse before, so I thought I would give it a go keeping to the seasonal theme of chocolate. Took me a while to sort myself out on this one, but I got there in the end.



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Care Package

February 17, 2010 1 comment

This post goes out to Jess Shields, who send me up this care package that arrived today. As you can see, its full of tasty tasty treats that I will enjoy over the next few days.

Its random acts like this that get the most appreciation. Jess has clearly put some thought and effort into this and it was quite a nice treat to get today.

A lot of people ask me what they can do to help, and I generally answer with not much. However, as has been established today, its the random acts of kindness that never go unnoticed. When I buy Hannah flowers, its the flowers I get for no particular reason that is appreciated more than the flowers on Valentines day or birthdays.

So be unexpected to someone today :-).

Good on ya Jess :-).

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Fairtrade Chocolate

March 5, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m a big fan of being a responsible consumer. I make sure the coffee I get is fair trade, as it’s the 2nd largest commodity traded in the world to oil, and most of the time, the growers are being ripped off by 2 or 3 major companies that control the commodity at that level, before the beans are on sold to individual roasters and brands that we are familiar on our supermarket shelves. Fairtrade skips this monopoly, and means the growers can determine the price of their bean, rather than the major companies telling them what that price is.

Cocoa is another highly traded commodity which we take for granted in the west. This move by Cadbury is a really good start, and I hope Cadbury NZ will do something similar in the not too distant future. It will definitely influence how I purchase my chocolate.

Cadbury’s to cut the guilt from chocolate

“One of New Zealand’s biggest-selling chocolate manufacturers is planning to switch to the ethical standard Fairtrade.

Cadbury’s flagship company, which sells 100 million bars a year in Britain and Ireland, announced it will source its cocoa from Fairtrade farmers in Ghana, the biggest brand of its kind to make the move.

A spokesman for Cadbury Australia and New Zealand said the company was also looking at going Fairtrade.

“Cadbury has been working with the Fairtrade Foundation and its international network for a number of years to prepare for Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Fairtrade certification,” said a spokesman.

“We look forward to expanding the discussion among other Cadbury brand teams and markets such as New Zealand.”

The Fairtrade mark was set up as a way of guaranteeing developing world farmers a bigger share of the money generated from products using their raw materials.

Some 7.5 million people, including farmers, workers and their families, benefit from products displaying the Fairtrade symbol.

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Cadbury TV Advertisement

January 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Sometimes I find funny things and will also post them here, might as well make this blog actually interesting to visit.

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