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Care Package

February 17, 2010 1 comment

This post goes out to Jess Shields, who send me up this care package that arrived today. As you can see, its full of tasty tasty treats that I will enjoy over the next few days.

Its random acts like this that get the most appreciation. Jess has clearly put some thought and effort into this and it was quite a nice treat to get today.

A lot of people ask me what they can do to help, and I generally answer with not much. However, as has been established today, its the random acts of kindness that never go unnoticed. When I buy Hannah flowers, its the flowers I get for no particular reason that is appreciated more than the flowers on Valentines day or birthdays.

So be unexpected to someone today :-).

Good on ya Jess :-).

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Supermarket Shopping…..from home.

January 30, 2009 2 comments
Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Today I tried something new, shopping for our groceries online. It was recommended by a friend yesterday, while we were complaining about having to do a shop, and just generally getting really sick of having to deal with overcrowded supermarkets and the amount of time it takes. So we went to the Foodtown website, and set up an account. It was a really painless experience. All up, it took me about 30 min to do about 170 dollars worth of grocery shopping, no driving, and the food was delivered about 3 hours later!!.. Since I got my order in during the morning, I was able to have it delivered by 1.15pm.

So not only was it convenient, but it made shopping for bargains and doing price comparisons so much better! You could quickly scroll down a page on a certain product type and see what was on special, and how much each item cost. Added to this fact the elimination of spontaneous purchases of tasty toffee pops as you walk past the biscuit aisle means you save money by not purchasing the things you don’t actually need. Apparently, the website will know what you ordered last time, and is used as a basis for the next shop. The delivery fee for a shop between $100 -$ 200 dollars is about $13, but when taken into consideration of no travel, much much less time doing the shopping, and potentially a significant amount of savings by not making spontaneous purchases (depending on how self controlled you are), and better price comparisons, I think overall its worth it. The only downside – they packed the groceries is HEAPS of plastic bags, which cant be good for the environmentalist in me, and my cherry tomatoes were in a can – it was a product that said ‘image to come’….my bad..

Overall, highly reccomend the process, and I will be definitly a repeat customer.

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