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Some Video from Melbourne

April 13, 2009 Leave a comment

We took quite a bit of video whilst over in Melbourne, so here is a small snippet of what happened at the track.

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Formula 1

March 31, 2009 2 comments

So I am now back from a somewhat impromptu visit to Melbourne. Nigel and I and an amazing time. It was just incredible to be at such an international sized event, seeing the work gone into making it happen, and just experiencing the atmosphere. It was great being a twilight race, the first time they have done that at Melbourne, cos it meant we had the opportunity to cruise into the city and checkout the sights and sounds in the morning, before heading out to the track later in the afternoon. One of the highlights was being one of the first out of tens of thousands of people being able to storm the track at the end. We were right up against the podium for the presentations. I did think we might have made it on TV, but I have now seen the coverage, and it shows people on the track about 5 min after the race ended. We were there within seconds.

All in all it was an excellent time. I have some fairly tortured feet to show for it, we would have walked some serious Km’s each day, and part of the chemo side effects is that I get really dry feet, contributing to the blister carnage. I am literally hobbling at the moment until they recover.

Click the image below to see photos from our time over there.

Storming the fence at the end of the race

Storming the fence at the end of the race

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Melbourne Here I Come!!

March 26, 2009 2 comments

I am writting this post from the unexpected location of emirates flight EK407 to Melbourne. Right now we are about 2 hours into the flight.
The story began earlier today where I had arranged to go out for coffee with nigel now that I’m beginning to feel better after the first week of chemo. From there we went to the airport under the pretense of dropping off a bag for someone who was in transit from Sydney to chch, which I believed. Then, by strange coincidence hannah turned up at the airport with some packed bags for me!! Long story short, nigel and I are off to Melbourne to see the melbourne grand prix. The return flights are for Monday evening, after 3 days of F1 and V8 supercar madness!!

So, not entirely sure there will be much blogging over the next few days, but I’ll try to post some mobile pics on facebook as we go, although I hate to think how much the data roaming rates are gonna cost. 🙂

Anyway, peace out to the rest of you who won’t be in Melbourne this weekend. 🙂

I shal leaveyou with my view of flight EK407.

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