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Energy and the Economy

March 11, 2009 Leave a comment

The final part in this 3 part video lecture series ties in Energy and the Economy together, and how they inter-relate. Again, highly recommended viewing, and this one is only 7 minutes long, so will be far less taxing on your time. I wont post anymore from this website, but if you are interested in the whole thing, I recommend going the website and seeing all 20 chapters that this guy has produced. Here is a link to his site starting at chapter 1.


Energy Budgeting

March 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Part B in the video series on Peak Oil and the economy is concerned with energy budgeting. Its a concept which explains how energy is worth what it is worth. That is, how much energy must you invest in order to get energy returned. Oil is a particularly high yield energy for the energy invested, whilst corn based ethanol is actually almost costs more energy to produce than what it yields. Again, this is highly recommended by me for watching (if you are into this kind of thing). Its 12 minutes long, so find some time when you can watch it.

The original website for this chapter can be found HERE.

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Peak Oil… What is it?

March 9, 2009 Leave a comment

There is a guy called Chris Martenson who has put out a series of mini videos/lectures on the fundamentals of the modern debt based economic system that we are currently in the process of having collapse on top of us at the moment. There are a number of subtopics starting at chapter 1.. but I am going to introduce him at chapter 17, where he begins to talk about Peak Oil. This is going to be in three parts, so I’ll post each video a day apart, as the first one is 17 minutes long. The second two are shorter. If you want to start from the beginning Click Here to go his website at chapter 1.

I HIGHLY recommend watching this. Its not your average 1 min vid on you tube, so find some time and WATCH IT, maybe a lunch break, maybe when the boss isn’t looking. 🙂

HT: Nigel C

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