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Government Bonding Scheme for Doctors.

February 23, 2009 4 comments

This has just been released by the government, as one of the many pre-election promises. As a medical student with a wife who is a doctor, this is worth $20,000 per year to us. Subsequently, depending on what the ‘hard to staff’ areas are, we would seriously consider such an offer. I wonder if Auckland is ‘hard to staff’?… From memory, there are about 25% vacancy rates for junior doctors at the moment within the Auckland DHB’s… it sounds hard to staff to me! 🙂

Bonding schemes to keep doctors, teachers in NZ

“The Government today announced voluntary bonding schemes to encourage more health professionals, teachers and veterinarians to work in hard to staff areas.

Under the scheme, reported in the Herald this morning, graduates would get student cash incentives to work in understaffed areas for a five year period starting from 2011. Details included:

* Health professionals: In the first year 100 doctors and 250 midwives and nurses were expected to be voluntarily bonded to work in areas with critical workforce shortages. Similar numbers were expected to be added yearly.

Doctors would get $10,000 a year (after tax); midwives $3500 and nurses $2833.”

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Does American Democracy Truly Work?

February 16, 2009 1 comment

We can all breath a sigh of relief now that George Bush is out of American politics, but this article from the NZ Herald does raise the question of whether or not American politics really works. Lets face it, George was the most stupidest guy you could ever put in charge of the world’s largest economy and superpower. How on earth does he get voted in TWICE?? Almost anyone running would have probably done a better job than him, yet not only did he get voted in the first time, he got voted in a second time. In my own mind, it beggars belief how he got in again. This article discusses the ratings of previous presidents, and unsurprisingly George gets dumped somewhere near the bottom. Maybe Obama should implement a minimum IQ test to qualify to run for office…

Historians name Lincoln named top US president – Bush close to last

“WASHINGTON – Just days after Americans honoured the 200th anniversary of his birth, 65 historians ranked Abraham Lincoln as the best US president.

Former President George W. Bush, who left office last month, was ranked 36th out of the 42 men who had been chief executive by the end of 2008, according to a survey conducted by the cable channel C-SPAN.

Bush scored lowest in international relations, where he was ranked 41st, and in economic management, where he was ranked 40th. His highest ranking, 24th, was in the category of pursuing equal justice for all. He was ranked 25th in crisis leadership and vision and agenda setting.

In contrast, Lincoln was ranked in the top three in each of the 10 categories evaluated by participants. Read more…

The first and last word on George Bush

January 27, 2009 Leave a comment
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