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Pausing for a Photo… and other RWC2011 Images

October 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Shutter 1.3s; f/25; ISO 100; 250mm


Chemo 38.0

October 4, 2011 1 comment

Yet another notch to put in my belt. The routine of chemotherapy is well understood and generally well tolerated now. Come December, it will be 2 years of this fortnightly regime. That is 2 years of life where every second weekend is spent nauseous, hunched over a toilet bowel, or sleeping in bed to get through the misery.

This round seemed a bit rougher than previous rounds, the nausea just that little bit more ever-present, and my insomnia particularly good at keeping me awake despite the pharmaceutical augmentation. The silver lining to this round is that I am skipping the next one!!!

In making sure my priorities are straight, I have tickets to the semi-final (which all going well will be NZ v. SA or AUS) for the rugby world cup. Rugby beats chemo on any weekend, so I get a 4 week reprieve.

I’m only 2 rounds short of 40 total… I keep smashing records.

Till next time…

Chemo 36.0

September 11, 2011 1 comment

Well, a hiatus it has been!

I am now well and truly back in New Zealand, and well and truly back into the daily grind of work. Last weekend was my first round of chemo in 6 weeks, round 36 in total. It was so nice to have a such a long break from chemo, and my body definitely benefited from the reprieve. Round 36 was as any other round, but perhaps less grinding as the rounds previous thanks to the intermission. I have decided that it is important now, when you are on an indefinite treatment such as this to have breaks every 4-5 rounds or so, just so the body can recover. It also gives you something to look forward to, since the end of treatment and remission aren’t those look-forward-to options.

As it turns out, I have tickets to the Rugby World Cup semi-final on the 15th of October, which should be a New Zealand v. South Africa game. This date clashes with a chemotherapy weekend……… so it sounds like an excuse for another break.

Photos of our adventures will be up sometime shortly.

Until next time…

Oncology 8.0

September 26, 2010 10 comments

Can you believe it… 8 CT scans in less than 12 months. Each scan ironically gives you enough radiation for a 1 in 800 chance of developing cancer over a lifetime. Of course, since I’m already there, that statistic is a little incidental.

This scan only had one round of chemotherapy from the last one, which means that it was unlikely to show anything too exciting. It basically showed that one of the nodes is 1mm bigger.

This is effectively within the margin of error, and even if it is actually accurate, given the lack of treatment that I had between scans, there is nothing that can be reliably concluded from it. So the consensus, after the onc’s, the surgeons, and the radiologists mulled over it, is that it continues to be ‘stable’ disease. Which, all things considered is actually pretty good. When you consider the fact that in October of last year they found the recurrence, and there has been very little change in effectively one year, I’m doing pretty well so far.

It’s looking like I’m gonna make my 30th birthday in November, and even Christmas too! I’m really hoping I survive long enough for the Rugby World Cup next year, and we should probably start taking bets on Christmas 2011 and 2012. 🙂

Till next time…