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20/20’s Third Follow Up and a Media Summary from the Past Few Months

February 23, 2014 8 comments

For those of you haven’t yet seen the 20/20 story that aired on Thursday night, you can do so by clicking on the 20/20 image.


Hannah and I would like to thank the 20/20 team for their great work over the past few years, their non-intrusive manner, and the way they construct stories that reflect our journey well. We think they did a great job at putting the story together, and we just want to acknowledge all the work they have put into it.

I thought I would also put up a series of links to other media appearances over the past few months so that they are all found in one place.

First was the NZ Herald story that featured on the front page shortly after our Give A Little campaign on October 24th:

and a subsequent follow up on October 25th:

The Dominion Post also did a story which appeared on

Then there was also The Daily Mail that picked up on the story a few days later (and I might add a very comprehensive and accurate account given that we didn’t speak to them at all).

The Give A Little team also wrote a nice summary on their site as this was one of the most successful campaigns that they had ever seen.

There was another appearance in the Otago Daily Times in December after a friend of ours (Anna) was able to organise a brand new Audi to be transported from Palmerston North to Dunedin when we were down there for Hannah’s brother’s wedding. We were given the car to drive for the time we were down there. I have to say, the effort involved in organising that was very impressive, and all done without me knowing. I woke up to hear someone was at the door, and Armstrong Prestige were there ready to hand me over the keys, along with a few cameras as well.

Once Elise was born, we did a follow up story with the NZ Herald as an acknowledgement that their first story was responsible for at least $50 000 dollars of the fundraising that happened back in October. We wanted to let people know how it had made a difference, and that I was able to make the birth of Elise.


After all of that, we have had a number of approaches from the media that we have decided in large part to decline, as we don’t want publicity for the sake of publicity. We also want to protect Elise, as she is yet able to consent to such exposure, and her privacy is for us to care for.

This post is about consolidating the media links into one easily accessible place, and to acknowledge the work that has been done by the media that has both represented our journey well, and also helped contribute to the money raised that has allowed me to continue with treatment that so far seems to be working.

Until next time…


This week in TV

June 6, 2011 7 comments

Along my meandering travels through cancer, its ups and downs and fortnightly nausea, a number of unexpected and sometimes surreal opportunities have come my way. Speaking to 4300 people at Easter was one of many things that have happened to me as a product of just sharing my story and being up front and honest about the journey Hannah and I are on.

To add to this unfolding saga of my life, I have recently become the ambassador for Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa. This is a

nationwide, patient led organisation committed to reducing the impact of bowel cancer on our community through awareness, education and support.

It is interesting to read the list of fellow ambassadors, the likes of Sir Paul Callaghan, Christopher Doig, Shane Jones MP, John Carter MP, Willie Lose, Fleur Sullivan, and at the bottom, Dr. Jared Noel. It is ironic that bowel cancer, the illness that has defined the last 2 1/2 years of my life, now leads me to such a list that might include the aforementioned names of people who have shared considerable success in their own lives, yet also have somehow been affected by the same disease.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate. An egalitarian principle that even humanity often struggles to achieve.

So, as the next week unfolds, you will find me on the flat (or curved if you are still in the era of CRT) screens in the corner of your room at the two following times.

1. Tomorrow Morning, Tuesday the 7th of June, TV1, on Breakfast with Petra and Corin at 0850hrs.

2. Thursday evening, 9th of June, TV2, on 20/20. A story profiling both my Journey, and that of another girl Claire, who shares the same diagnosis as myself.

It would be nice to have a profile done on you for reasons other than your own journey towards the inevitable, but that is not the life I have found myself in. I am intrigued as to how this week will unfold.

Till next time…

Good Morning Interview

October 20, 2010 11 comments

This is my 6 min 53 seconds of of live TV. Quite a fascinating experience actually, from arrival, to getting made up, and then sitting in the studio for the live cross.

I have to say, when I watched this I cringed, so I’ll leave the rest of the watching up to you guys. 🙂

You can watch it here.

Till next time..